To Pegg, or not to Pegg, that is the Quest On (Twitter)

Since my last blog post was kindly promoted by @TweetSmarter, subsequently attracting a popularity previously unheard of; I all of a sudden feel a responsibility to blog a little more often than my previously irregular efforts!

So with that in mind I am amazingly fortunate to have had the @simonpegg(GATE) explode on Twitter, in recent days. -

@AippleMedia wrote his own blog post entitled “Simon Pegg won’t say hi on Twitter”, which he then linked in a Tweet he addressed to @simonpegg himself.
“Short blog rant about @simonpegg for you today, victim of my pointless Twitter rage. He's changed you know!

To severely abridge the blog post (read in its entirety by clicking above link), @AippleMedia highlighted the fact that both he and his good friend; both fans of Pegg, had often Tweeted “Witty and engaging Tweets”, without one response from Pegg. The outcome being that he would burn Pegg’s dvd’s in the garden!

A somewhat tongue in cheek and partly whimsical rant, highlighting the difficulty of being noticed, amidst a sea of many followers. Which in Pegg’s case exceeds 600K!

@AippleMedia even took the trouble to post script “I always preferred the chubby one! Myself and my good buddy were saying how much we like Simon, please don’t bombard me hate comments, we really are fans!”
Further highlighting their whimsy and reverence.
IMO, this was a clever and measured attempt to illicit a response from Pegg, in a tongue in cheek way, which he would most likely appreciate and engage with.

Well Shortly after Pegg did indeed engage, ReTweeting @AippleMedia original Tweet and following shortly thereafter with his own Tweet. -
“First time I've seen a tweet by that person. Great to meet you!”

Cue the Comedy!!

Almost immediately Pegg’s twitter followers saw the Tweet made their way to the blog and proceeded to lambast @AippleMedia, in varying degrees of both sanity and mania.
I have a suspicion that the majority did not even read the full post, instead choosing to immediately come to the rescue as Pegg’s “Knight in Shining Armour”!
Very quickly the Blog crashed due to the thousands of hits it received! Though not before receiving many comments from the “Pegg Defenders”.
Twitter also facilitated a route for this diatribe to be directed at @AippleMedia.

I am reasonably certain that Pegg DID take this post in the manner it was taken, even going so far as subsequent tweets, asking not to hate @AippleMedia and then making light of the implied rivalry.

The upshot being that @AippleMedia became a flash star on Twitter and his blog gained enough notoriety to fuel it for at least a few weeks, or months.

In the midst of the mania I took it upon myself (in my usually flippant way) to Tweet my opinion as such –
“#GotToLaugh At the seriousness with which Twitter's taking the "tongue in cheek" @AippleMedia comments re @simonpegg *rolls eyes at Twitter*”

Don’t get me wrong, I was not the only one to comment on the irony and incredulity of this situation. Many others Tweeted in similar vain.
It both had me entertained and aghast, in equal measure!
This is part of the charm of twitter, that the immediacy allows many impetuous people to make fools of themselves and others to notice and rebuke them for it.

To clarify I randomly alight on both sides of this fence, depending on my mood at the time, often embarrassing myself, when I read past Tweets. But again, THIS is what I feel is the charm of Twitter. I leave these comments for all to see, as it’s only fair to leave myself open to rebuke in the same way.
Fortunately though, I have not had any such Tweets given such publicity by a celebrity! Which by the way is not a request? I lampoon myself quite enough, thank you!

So to wrap this up; @AippleMedia has since posted an update (, drawing attention to his initial motives and his real and enduring appreciation of Pegg. Within this blog he was generous enough to quote my Initial Twitter response; thus bringing the situation to my attention, just as I am in immediate need of blogging something less than banal.

So for this I thank both @AippleMedia and @simonpegg.

I might point out that Pegg has never responded to any of my tweets either, though I shall not be burning any of his dvd’s in the garden!... They’re all BluRays!

Anticipating that there may well be a sudden rush of copycat attempts to gain Pegg’s twitter ear, I am posting this more for the benefit of @AippleMedia, but if @simonpegg want to tweet me that’s fine.

Just in case Pegg reads this, I would like to point out that I have not always preferred the “chubby one”!... 

I preferred the “one with tits”

ITHANKYAR!        ;Op

  • Great piece, well written as well, made me chuckle over dinner. You have a gift, go forth and use it!