To Pegg, or not to Pegg, that is the Quest On (Twitter)

Since my last blog post was kindly promoted by @TweetSmarter, subsequently attracting a popularity previously unheard of; I all of a sudden feel a responsibility to blog a little more often than my previously irregular efforts!

So with that in mind I am amazingly fortunate to have had the @simonpegg(GATE) explode on Twitter, in recent days. -

@AippleMedia wrote his own blog post entitled “Simon Pegg won’t say hi on Twitter”, which he then linked in a Tweet he addressed to @simonpegg himself.
“Short blog rant about @simonpegg for you today, victim of my pointless Twitter rage. He's changed you know!

To severely abridge the blog post (read in its entirety by clicking above link), @AippleMedia highlighted the fact that both he and his good friend; both fans of Pegg, had often Tweeted “Witty and engaging Tweets”, without one response from Pegg. The outcome being that he would burn Pegg’s dvd’s in the garden!

A somewhat tongue in cheek and partly whimsical rant, highlighting the difficulty of being noticed, amidst a sea of many followers. Which in Pegg’s case exceeds 600K!

@AippleMedia even took the trouble to post script “I always preferred the chubby one! Myself and my good buddy were saying how much we like Simon, please don’t bombard me hate comments, we really are fans!”
Further highlighting their whimsy and reverence.
IMO, this was a clever and measured attempt to illicit a response from Pegg, in a tongue in cheek way, which he would most likely appreciate and engage with.

Well Shortly after Pegg did indeed engage, ReTweeting @AippleMedia original Tweet and following shortly thereafter with his own Tweet. -
“First time I've seen a tweet by that person. Great to meet you!”

Cue the Comedy!!

Almost immediately Pegg’s twitter followers saw the Tweet made their way to the blog and proceeded to lambast @AippleMedia, in varying degrees of both sanity and mania.
I have a suspicion that the majority did not even read the full post, instead choosing to immediately come to the rescue as Pegg’s “Knight in Shining Armour”!
Very quickly the Blog crashed due to the thousands of hits it received! Though not before receiving many comments from the “Pegg Defenders”.
Twitter also facilitated a route for this diatribe to be directed at @AippleMedia.

I am reasonably certain that Pegg DID take this post in the manner it was taken, even going so far as subsequent tweets, asking not to hate @AippleMedia and then making light of the implied rivalry.

The upshot being that @AippleMedia became a flash star on Twitter and his blog gained enough notoriety to fuel it for at least a few weeks, or months.

In the midst of the mania I took it upon myself (in my usually flippant way) to Tweet my opinion as such –
“#GotToLaugh At the seriousness with which Twitter's taking the "tongue in cheek" @AippleMedia comments re @simonpegg *rolls eyes at Twitter*”

Don’t get me wrong, I was not the only one to comment on the irony and incredulity of this situation. Many others Tweeted in similar vain.
It both had me entertained and aghast, in equal measure!
This is part of the charm of twitter, that the immediacy allows many impetuous people to make fools of themselves and others to notice and rebuke them for it.

To clarify I randomly alight on both sides of this fence, depending on my mood at the time, often embarrassing myself, when I read past Tweets. But again, THIS is what I feel is the charm of Twitter. I leave these comments for all to see, as it’s only fair to leave myself open to rebuke in the same way.
Fortunately though, I have not had any such Tweets given such publicity by a celebrity! Which by the way is not a request? I lampoon myself quite enough, thank you!

So to wrap this up; @AippleMedia has since posted an update (, drawing attention to his initial motives and his real and enduring appreciation of Pegg. Within this blog he was generous enough to quote my Initial Twitter response; thus bringing the situation to my attention, just as I am in immediate need of blogging something less than banal.

So for this I thank both @AippleMedia and @simonpegg.

I might point out that Pegg has never responded to any of my tweets either, though I shall not be burning any of his dvd’s in the garden!... They’re all BluRays!

Anticipating that there may well be a sudden rush of copycat attempts to gain Pegg’s twitter ear, I am posting this more for the benefit of @AippleMedia, but if @simonpegg want to tweet me that’s fine.

Just in case Pegg reads this, I would like to point out that I have not always preferred the “chubby one”!... 

I preferred the “one with tits”

ITHANKYAR!        ;Op

The 10 Commandments of Twitter

1. Thou shalt not steal

Do not take another’s Tweet and pass it off as your own.

If ReTweeting be sure to credit the originator of the Tweet, by either prefixing with RT, or Via (Twittername).
It can be irritating as some platform will not allow you to RT the entire Tweet, as the originators Twittername will be inserted at the beginning of the Tweet. In these instances it is usually OK to abbreviate the body of the Tweet, but take care not to lose the original meaning or Rhythm of the Tweet

2. Thou shalt not make wrongful use of the name Twitter.

The only sensible adaptions of the word Twitter to describe the act of using Twitter are –
    i.   Tweeting   - By far the MOST commonly used example, obeying grammatical structure
    ii . Twittering  - Slightly less common not as common, but still acceptable
    iii. Twitting     - Less common again, perhaps signifies the act of being a Twit, whist tweeting
    iv. Twatting    - Vulgar alternative

Descriptions of the users of Twitter can be as follows –
    i.   Tweep(s)       - The most common term for a user, or users of Twitter.
    ii.  Tweeter(s)     - Doesn’t get as much use, generally used to describe another user of Twitter
    iii. Twitterer(s)    - Less popular alternative to “Tweeter”
    iv. Tweeple(s)     - Applicable to a greater number then “Tweeps”, as in the Twitter Public
    v.  Twit(s)           - Perhaps suggesting the original use of the word Twit, whilst Tweeting?
    vi. Twat(s)          - Vulgar alternative

Names for the world according to Twitter
    i.   Twitterverse    - The most popular term, and my personal favourite
    ii.  Tworld             - Alternative that is widely used
    iii. Twittersphere  - Another alternative that is widely used

There are no particular rules, for which of the above examples to use, or where. Indeed I can admit to have using most of them at some point or other. This will generally be influenced by your preference and mood at the time of Tweeting/Twittering/Twitting/Twatting!

There is a definite trend for simply adding a “Tw” at the beginning of any word (or replacing the first letter with) to transfer said word into Twitter speak.
For the most part this should be avoided, but if the new word has some relevance or comedic merit, it may not attract derision.

3. Thou Shalt not commit Advertery.

Twitter is a forum for many different types of users. Most use for social reasons, some for that reason alone. Some also use to extend the footprint of their online profile (Blog, or other website) in the hopes to aid spreading their word.
Many major businesses now have a presence on Twitter. As do smaller businesses and some businesses just starting out.
Regardless of the type of User, many will find occasion to Tweet details, or indeed a link, to something they wish to advertise. Be this a simple blog post, a new website, or any type of product; I see no problem to bringing this to the attention of Twitter users.
It becomes tiresome when the advertising tweets are incessant! Whether the Tweets be automated, or manually it is not good Twitter etiquette to continually Tweet the same information, in some instances simply resending the exact same Tweet! This can be deemed SPAM and will quickly diminish ones Twitter reputation.
Keep advertising Tweets to a minimum and keep Twitter a pleasant place to visit!

4. Thou Shalt not covet thy neighbour’s followers.

It is not becoming for one to beg for followers!

For any users new to Twitter, the follower/followed relationship can seem a little alien. Of course we can all choose who we follow, but not who follows us
Given time other followers WILL find you. At first slowly, but this will increase (somewhat) exponentially, in line with your Twitter footprint.
The best way to increase the number your followers, is to ensure the content of your Tweets is interesting, pleasant and accessible. One should avoid Tweeting “Please follow me”, or “Please help me get more followers”
I have been on Twitter for approaching 2 years and have only around 400 followers. This number fluctuates as some unfollow and new followers join. I have some Twitter friends with less, some with more and some with MANY more! I care not about follower count, either for me, or for any of those I follow. If I choose to follow you, it is because I find you interesting, or you bring a positive influence to my Twitter micro-society. I will be no more inclined to follow you if you have 1 million followers, than if you have 1 follower.

Many (SPAM) Tweets offer links to websites, with the promise of getting you more followers. Most of these offers involve downloading software, or making a payment! Both of which, are at odds with my desired use of Twitter.
Any scheme that artificially inflates your number of Followers is simply a shortcut to followers that neither know, nor appreciate your Twitter style. Sure some of them may turn out to do so later, but I am only interested in Real followers, who choose me of their own volition! If you do not like the things I tweet, I welcome you, without prejudice, to not follow me.

You may notice some users follow you that never seem to Tweet. These are more often, than not automated accounts (Bots), whose sole purpose is to SPAM. In worst case they may harbour a virus!
I make it a point not to exchange Tweets with any new followers, unless they actually Tweet (unique tweets not SPAM) with me, thus avoiding these types of risk.
SPAM accounts are regularly purged as Twitter closes these type of accounts. Do not be disheartened if your number of followers plunges suddenly, this is usually the reason.

5. Thou shalt not falsely proclaim oneself to be an Entrepreneur.

The word Entrepreneur is overused these days and nowhere more than on the Internet. Twitter is no different. There seems to be a glut of Tweet from self proclaimed ‘Entrepreneurs’, usually breaking commandment 3 at the same time.
Simply because one attempts to partake in a `get rich quick’ scheme, or internet marketing routine, one is NOT an Entrepreneur!
The act of aping something that is already successful and merely changing the name, the brand colour, the typeface, or the description, does not make one an Entrepreneur!

Show me a new way of doing something or a new thing to do, with evidence that YOU are pioneering it?... THEN I will concede your Entrepreneurship!

6. Thou shalt not Troll.

Twitter is an enormous environment! I suspect that if we each attempted to follow ALL of the other Twitter users (circa 75 million at time of posting), the Twitter servers would crash.
One should follow only the Twitter users that provide you with information you want/need, entertainment you like, or social interaction you enjoy.
It is NOT compulsory to follow each Twitter user who follows you, though it is an often observed ettiquette.
Regardless of the number you follow, the construction of Twitter allows you to see Tweets from other users, also allowing you to reply (should you wish). This is the basic way that a Twitter user increases their interaction in the world of Twitter.
It would be foolish to expect that every user of Twitter will agree with a point of view one might hold, or might provide a positive response to a chosen topic. Most Twitter users happily remain polite, even though they may disagree with any given topic. On some occasions Tweets can seem offensive. More often, these Tweets may come from an unfamiliar Twitter User, though not always.
In these occurrences it may be prudent to offer a further Tweet to ensure there has been no misunderstanding. Should the offense then not be rationalised and corrected, One would do better than to avoid the situation potential for further offense.
Other types of offensive Tweets are commonly referred to as `Trolling’. The `Troll’ is a Twitter user who continually Tweets offensive content, either to all and sundry, or to another Twitter user in particular! Such behaviour is utterly unacceptable and this can be a warranted use of the `Block’ button.

7. Thou shalt not bear false Twittness.

One should not fabricate ReTweets, in order to promote some kind of service or advertisement. By simply prefixing the Tweet YOU wish to send with RT @[insert random name], does not comply with the ethics of the ReTweet. Twitter allows us to click on that Twittername and see their profile page, showing their Tweeting history (useful for getting to find new interesting people to follow). If you have made up a name that doesn’t exist, there will be no Profile page. If by chance there IS a Twitter user with the Twittername you have used, the profile will show your Tweet to be missing.
This can be considered Twitter arrogance of the highest order. Both that the user thinks ALL other Twitter users are dumb enough to fall for the ruse and demonstrating the arrogant narcissism of the user.

8. Thou Shalt not ReTweet indiscriminately.

It is always nice to receive a Tweet that makes us feel good. It is tempting therefore to ReTweet this so that one’s followers may have opportunity to share in the feeling. Additionally if the message is of significance, one may wish to ReTweet for the benefit of one’s followers.
For the most part this is perfectly acceptable. Though do understand that if the original Tweet is from a popular user, it will already have a wide reach and that many of those who follow you, may also follow the original Tweeter; whereupon you may be just adding to the frequency of said tweet.
This may not be a bad thing, if the information is of significance, but for less significant/interesting Tweets, it may be seen as unnecessary.
Additionally if the original Tweet contains a link, it is prudent to check that the link works successfully prior to ReTweeting it.
When regarding Tweets that congratulate, or praise; or revere something that one has previously Tweeted, or generally represents; again one might feel good, but one should not immediately ReTweet such messages.
Should the Tweet be an uncommon instance, any impact may be lessened; though if one ReTweets every such Tweet it can seem very much that one is revelling in the blowing of smoke up one’s ass.

9. Thou Shalt not abuse the Direct Message (DM).

Direct Message can only been sent to any of one’s followers. One cannot send a Direct Message to any other Twitter user, even if one follows them. Direct Messages should be used to take high frequency Tweet conversations, or delicate Tweets out of the public Twitter timeline.
This is the accepted method for Twitter users familiar with each other. However, one should not bombard a new follower with Direct Messages. This tends to be the modus operandi of the accursed Spammers.
In fact one could go as far as to say that Direct Messages should only be the preserve of Twitter users that know each other well!

10. Thou shalt not BOT.

It seems that there are an abundance of helpful software applications for Twitter. Some ARE useful, but others are quite the nuisance!
Automatic following and automatic Tweeting can be achieved without further input from the user with some softwares. The Twitterverse/Tworld/Twittersphere tends to refer to these types of accounts, whether automated fully, or in part, as `BOTS’!
This commandment is most particularly aimed at the unscrupulous Spammers, who configure their `Bot’ to vomit forth the same advertising Tweet, time after time, at an alarmingly frequent rate. The same `Bot’ will also automatically follow any Twitter user, who happens to Tweet any of the particular `KEY’ words or phrases.
It is normally easy to distinguish these types of accounts, by the high number they follow and the low number of followers they have. If you find them particularly unwelcome, Twitter allows you to report them as SPAM (they will also then be blocked from your timeline)
If you have been on Twitter for anything longer than a few days, you have likely experienced this type of user. More often the `apparent’ user will be a young `Lady’ who would like you to look at her `pictures’! Other examples can be lottery schemes, `get rich quick’ schemes, or other miscellaneous commercial marketing, to name but a few.

Twitter can delete these accounts when they become aware of any of this kind of activity, but the quantity of users willing to generate these types of account far exceeds Twitter’s capacity to delete them.


Well this is my interpretation of 10 important factors to bear in mind if you wish to enter the realm of Twitter.It is by no means an exhaustive list!I am not a professional user of either twitter or the internet. These 10 commandments are my opinion alone and include their fair share of whimsy, but are constructed to highlight frustrations that I have developed; in the year and a half that I have been using Twitter.This post is not intended to make fun of, or make light of ANY religion or faith.Given that Twitter is extremely popular, this may not be an original idea. However, I have created this list with my own original ideas. Should it bear any similarity to any other work, it is purely coincidental.I hope you enjoyed reading


Although I have made brief reference, previously on twitter; I have not really spoken about my recent circumstances.
These circumstances are that; save for a few remote possibilities, I am due to be made redundant!
Not great news, hence my reluctance to be outwardly chatty about them.

So why change my habits now?

Well, it really comes down to the cause for my redundancy, the redundancy of many of my colleagues and the global economic recession in general.

It has been well documented that Mortgage problems in the USA began the economically recessive period of the last year, or so.
In my opinion there were many contributory causes:-

1. Normal people borrowing far too much and leaving with huge debt

2. Banks/lenders being too eager to loan to high risk candidates

3. Banks/financial institutions being too cavalier in their approach to investments

4. General apathy from governments towards the banks/financial institutions

5. Widespread greed throughout the banking/financial institution community

6. Failure by the banking/financial institution community, to recognise the escalating risk, before it became critical.

These are but a few of the many I could list.

We can not blame the banks entirely. Each person who relied too heavily on borrowed money (loans, credit cards, etc.) must take some cumulative responsibility!

I do not include Mortgages, as a mortgage is almost essential for the modern person/family to enable the ownership of property.
However, Mortgages should be tightly controlled so that an individual is unable to borrow any some, that they could reasonably be expected to repay!
This SHOULD all work nicely, though with the rocketing property prices of the last 25 years, the necessity to stretch further and further, has been increasing!

What is the reason for the rocketing property prices?
It comes back to the banks/financial institutions, again, in a roundabout way.
High bonuses for banking employees, has enabled many to invest in property.
As so many banking employees were looking to invest, the demand raised the achievable prices, vendors could demand for their properties.
Basically, pricing the average person out of the market!
In return the average person needed to borrow more to stand a chance of owning property.
How did they manage this? Apart from the lucky few, who were given nice raises; the remainder had to arrange to borrow more!
So who do they ask? The Banks!
The banks/financial institutions changed the criteria for mortgages, allowing in excess of 100% loans!
Allowing far longer durations for the mortgage term!
Often granting mortgages when it was near certain the lender would not be able to maintain repayments for the full term!
I believe that these loans were generally termed “Toxic Investments”, from the point of view of the banking/financial institutions.

So basically, the banking/financial institutions caused the Financial Crisis, which led to the Global Economic Recession!
This, I’m sure you are already aware of.

Now, onto the connection between this and my looming redundancy.-

I work in the construction industry, for a company that builds large complex building, with project values into the 100’s of millions of pounds.
Where a project of such value is financed it, more often than not, involves business loans of some kind.
The arm of the business, with which I work, specialises in building Data Centres.
Data Centres are large building dedicated to providing large scale, UPS protected, computer storage facilities.
These will be utilised by anyone who has a lot of data to store and protect.
The most common of these clients is the banks/financial institutions!
Following the collapse of one of the first of the big banking/financial institutions (Lehman Bros), ALL future planned works, that were not already committed, were put on hold!
Understandable, really given the financial uncertainty!

Since that time no further buildings of this nature and very few construction projects in general have been initiated. Again, reasonably understandable!

So let’s gloss over the interim.

More banking/financial institution have folded
Governments have saved many others
You will have noticed that interest on your savings has nearly vanished!

So, now to the reason that has been the inspiration for this post.

In the last few months, perhaps a year, it seems that many banking/financial institutions seem to be on the way up, out of this crisis!
Some industries, it seems, are following suit, also.
The construction industry, however, is still suffering greatly!

In short investment in a construction project, more often than not, begins nearly a year prior to “on site” works begin.
This means that there has now been one year with little new work.
Many companies have had NO new work!
Many companies have folded!
Of the companies that are surviving, there are being severe cost saving measures undertaken, hence redundancies!
Even if new work materialises, it may be up to another year before “on site” work begins!
This is not disastrous, as the tendering element of new projects will give work where it is sorely needed!

Recently it has commonly been `headline’ news that banking/financial institutions are again, taking Bonuses!
In some instances the Board members of the banking/financial institutions have waived their right to their bonuses! This I commend. However the remainder of the company, who qualify for bonuses, will apparently still receive theirs!

Today (16th February 2010) it has been reported that Barclays have allocated £2.7 Billion with a total profit of £11.6 Billion!!

My opinion is this –

Bonuses are generally, a good thing, within reason, in many companies.
Banking/financial institutions bonuses are long known to often be grotesquely exorbitant.
I do not want to get into the reasons and worthiness of these employees, to warrant such bonuses!

All I want to say, in these times is this –

The financial crisis was begun, for the most part by the banking/financial institutions!!

The construction industry is suffering, through lack of new work, due to lack of investment!!!!!


This will strengthen the industry, thereby strengthening the economy, thereby strengthening your future business dealings!!!!

This would save a lot of redundancies (not all, but a good many)!!

Once the rest of the world sees banking/financial institutions investing money into industry, it will speed up the return of industry/consumer confidence!!

Once confidence returns the economic health will return!


Perhaps this would be a good mantra for ALL banking/financial institutions!-
Banking/financial institutions serve the customer!
The customer allows them to use the customer’s money to make profit for the banking/financial institutions!
The banking/financial institutions should not screw around with the customer’s money!!!

How did I ever come to be a Blogger?

I am only a very recent convert to this “Blogging” malarkey!
I was inspired to begin this crazy ride, by some of the good online friends I have found on twitter.
Twitter, being only a marginally older pastime of mine, has introduced me to a vast array of differently interesting people (tweeps).
Some of my favourite tweeps are quite partial, to many forms of literature. It is these tweeps that have introduced me to the act (art) of “blogging”.

I had often, before, heard the term “blogger” and was aware of the basic format of a “blog”. Though until recently, considered “blogs” to be the banal realm of the boring, egocentrical, bitchy, or the obsessively nerdy!
Whilst it is highly likely that there are many blogs from such individuals, I have been introduced to an entirely new form of blogging.
A blog from quite sane and normal individuals, with which I can associate and whose posts I enjoy reading!

Since I have begun to read and enjoy these types of blogs, I have been steadily cultivating the urge to reciprocate!
The eloquence and openness of those that have invited me to read their posts, has been one of the biggest influences, in my decision to start my own blog!
For which, you are now reaping the fruits (however sour, or sweet, they may be!!)

Regardless of the theme, it is always interesting to read each individuals perspective, on each matter in hand.
Long, or short; upbeat, or solemn; introspective, or encompassing.
With comments invited for each post (feel free to add your comment to this blog, should you wish), it is possible to share opinions on the blog theme, or simply comment on the blogs content!
This, I find, to be the most interesting part of the blogging activity.
I’m always left feeling a little vulnerable, having laid my thoughts to print, for the world to observe!
It is the content of the comments (should there be any), that allays my paranoia!
In truth I have not yet had a negative comment. So long as it is constructive, I shall appreciate it.
Should, for any reason, it simply be, a nasty, or destructively negative comment, I shall simply delete it!!

So, my blogging journey has begun!

For those that have travelled with me, thus far; Sincere thanks, for your patience and grace!
For everyone else who may cross paths with this blog; I hope that you find it to be of some merit!

I do hope to be able to demonstrate some form of growth throughout the life of this blog. I certainly deem this blog to be in its infancy! (I can’t seem to resist tinkering with the format, layout, and style)
You may find it to be a wild ride, with crests and crashes, a plenty! However the journey meanders, I hope that you are able keep some confidence with the pilot!!

Here’s to the Journey!

Bon Voyage!!.......

Goodnight CoCo

It may be a little while, now since this was headline grabbing news, but I feel like commenting briefly!

Conan O’Brien and the NBC TV show/scheduling debacle!!

I can not say that I am particularly familiar with any of Conan’s work. To my knowledge, these TV shows are not aired on British television.

I do remember some years back, that for a short time “The Late Show” with David Letterman was shown, which I watched and enjoyed. I believe this was not long after Jay leno had taken over from Letterman as host of the “Tonight Show”?

However, I have not seen any of the Jay leno shows, aired regularly.

A few Leno clips are shown every now and then, but to the best of my knowledge regular British airings have not occurred on my watch!

So, forward to more recent times, I recall when Conan O’Brien took over as host of “The Tonight Show”.
This made the news, though again, no British airing that I am aware of.

Again, a few Conan O’Brien clips were shown sporadically. So, basically I recognise his face, know he’s American and know he does comedy! Beyond that my familiarity wanes.

So with the recent events, which to seem to me; to be NBC wielding their corporate weight (However, ill judged!) and shuffling the scheduling as they deem fit, regardless of consumer (viewer) opinion!

Whatever NBC’s reasons for the changes, they seem to be ill-handled, indelicate and inelegant!

So, I'm unable then, to have had an allegiance to either, Team Leno, or Team CoCo.

I actually think that neither Leno, OR O’Brien have been treated particularly well by NBC!

I have not had the opportunity to see any of Leno’s reactions to these events and moreover, still have not seen any of these programmes aired on British TV.

Some grossly exorbitant compensatory amounts have been reported; some as high as US$40M, for NBC to buy O’Brien out of his contract!

I do not fully understand the intricacies’ of TV Production costs, or exactly what this figure is to compensate for?

So my only comment can be WOW, That’s a LOT of money! Be it deserved, or not.

The only thing that has REALLY impressed me throughout this apparent debacle was the response from Conan O’Brien.

I managed to see the closing monologue of Conan O’Brien, at the end of his final show.
Forgetting all of the Hype, all of the Rumours and all of the Dollars; what really struck me, was the respect with which O’Brien afforded his estranged employers and his viewing public.
Avoiding the obvious temptation to launch into vitriolic diatribe, against NBC, Leno, or anyone else vaguely connected with the situation! Staying calm, concise and lucid! (though I did sense a momentary and minor break of emotion at one point!)
OK, He may have had the opportunity to script this well beforehand and perhaps, have help with doing so.
No matter, O’Brien delivered that closing speech, with composed dignity, honour and sincerity!

His words on cynicism, I thought, were particularly special!

Conan O’Brien. I salute you, Sir!

You have my respect and admiration!

I hope that you move onward to wonderful projects and are worthily successful, with them!

To Jay Leno, It seems you have been stuck with a bit of a lemon here! Given the circumstances regarding the re-shuffle, I should imagine there will be left a slightly bitter after taste, to once again be hosting a show you love?!
I hope you do a good job and that the furore is soon forgotten!

To NBC and ALL Television networks, I say –
Prize your viewing public first!
Take care of your Talent and staff!
THEN, make sure that as a company that more money is made than is spent!

Prioritising PROFIT is the surest way to sabotage customer care and awareness!!
This is true for ALL businesses! Regardless of how many of them have forgotten it!!...

The Talented Mr Fry-please

I’m feeling quite in the mood to divulge my thoughts, regarding the patron and benefactor of; the marvellously mellow and magnificent, Twitter gathering place called #frys

The thoroughly fluffy man himself, Mr Stephen Fry!

For most of my adult life, I have had the pleasure of enjoying the televisual exploits of one, Stephen Fry
In one form or another, this man has brought the elements of humour, satire and intellect, into my life, to name but a few!

With such erudition and a rapier wit, his performances become a pleasure to behold.

Though undoubtedly an intellectual heavyweight, I find Stephen Fry to be consistently self effacing, self deprecating and never afraid to adopt the role of an amiable fool, should it likely enhance the humour of the situation.
(It should be noted that it takes a clever individual to know how to humorously act the fool, without actually looking stupid!)

Don’t get me wrong! I am not extolling Stephen Fry to be perfect. After all he is, but human.
(Show me a perfect human and I shall gladly eat my left arm!!)

It is with some certainty, that I suggest Stephen Fry to be human and as such, must assume that he will have certain joys and passions, which are NOT shared by the collective humanity!
In the same way that I like gherkins in my burgers, yet friends of mine believe them to be the fruit of the devil!
Therefore, it seems simply idiotic, to expect that everything such a man does, to be enjoyed by the entirety of the world!

It seems to be part of the human condition, that as a “collective”, at the soonest opportunity, we love to shoot down the successful in our societies!
Perhaps that is more to do with our own lack of self confidence, than our implicit desire to damage the esteem of another?!
Anyway, I digress!
I suggest only, that it is unfair to expect everything that Stephen Fry turns his hand to, to be appreciated by everyone!
I, myself, have not found thus far, anything to be short of pleasurable.
I HAVE enjoyed some things better than others, but that is as a result of my own personal tastes, which I choose not to detail within this post!

I would not dream of suggesting that anybody, consider any material to be less than pleasurable, simply because I thought so!!
In my mind, this would be in extremely bad taste and say FAR more about the complainer, than it ever could about the subject!!

I certainly do NOT rely on the opinions of critics, in order to form my own opinions!
You could perhaps say then, that I am not quite suited to this modern age of media?
To that, I would retort, use every apparatus to your advantage! I enjoy these modern media’s!
Right now, I am currently voicing my opinions on my Blog! ON THE INTERNET!!
However, take note that I am not instructing, or even suggesting that you form an opinion about anything.
Rather, I am trying to convey my thoughts and opinions openly and without bias, in an open forum.
I expect that some people may agree, and some people may not. I’m OK with that. I do NOT expect everyone to concur.
I can happily let others enjoy something, which I do not enjoy myself. I cast no aspersions, upon either the people, or the subject!
These are my opinions and mine alone!
If you do not agree with them, I shall NOT be upset!
Actually I shall be honoured, that you have chosen to read my transcribed thoughts with an open mind!
The conclusion you come to should be YOURS, and yours ALONE!!

Noticing that I have diverted from the general subject of this post, let me now attempt to re-gain direction!

Stephen Fry has managed to be part of, quite an array of different TV programmes, Cinema and Theatre.
With such a variety, it is unlikely that everyone will like everything.
However, recently, I observed rather an unpleasant trend, throughout the media’s!

What seemed rather like, an unprovoked backlash, against Stephen Fry!
This trend attacked the more commercial nature of the “American” programme!
(which went on to win a National Television Award)
Then moving on to attack Stephen Fry’s use of Twitter!!

For all of “those” who either conceived the attack, or fuelled it once begun, I say this!-

Television programmes are made for those who want to watch! If you DON’T LIKE IT, DON’T WATCH IT!!!!
I have a deep aversion to all Soap operas! However, I do not try to force these opinions onto you!!

Twitter is a formally burgeoning, now hugely popular method of micro (blogging) communication.
It is necessary to either search, or follow every tweeter, in order to see their tweets.
Should you ever find a tweeter, whose tweets you do not like, DO NOT SEARCH, or UNFOLLOW!!!

Nobody forces anyone to read tweets, or watch TV, or follow any media, for that matter!
As my Mother used to say, “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”!!

SOCIAL COMMENTARY now over, let me return to the original theme!

Stephen Fry was the first person, celebrity or not, that I chose to follow on twitter. To this date, he is still one of the most impressive; despite his recent enforced, hiatus’s!
Few celebrities have fully seized the opportunity that Twitter gives them, in the same way as @stephenfry!
Even his extended family indulge in “Tweeting”
With his open and honest “tweets” he has cultivated quite an impressive following, in excess of 1 million at last count!
Utilising the twitter platform to an impressive degree, hosting quizzes and not forgetting his patronage of #frys!

Without such tweeters, I doubt that Twitter would be quite the community it is today?!
I have “tweeted” with many fine “Tweeps”, many of which I have met via following @stephenfry

I have every intention of continuing my use of twitter, for as long as other Tweeps speak to me!
I certainly look forward to the time when @stephenfry returns from his writing sabbatical, to once again bring a little sunshine to the “Twitterverse”!
Until that time I shall be well entertained by the other fin Tweeps I have met along the way!

Have fun with your writing Mr Fry!
I will be expecting a round of Spampagne for ALL, when you return to #frys!

If you are still reading, I humbly thank you for tolerating my opinions and urge you to find your own!
If they happen to agree, then great! If they don’t, then STILL great! I shall respect you all equally!

If you have not already, but would like to visit #frys, simply twitter search the hashtag [#frys]

If you find me in there (I do partake in a little #frys revelry, every now and then), I shall be delighted to get you a drink!

Until then, Stay Fluffy (as my friend @JustVero would say)!!

Note: The Management accepts no responsibility for the thoughts and opinions inside his head, however expressed. All such thoughts and opinions are subject to change without prior notice!!


Philosophies No. 1

The world needs some OBJECTIVITY!!
If individuals can be civil with each other, SURELY the collectives MUST follow suit!!!
The World can not be selfish of its self; it can only be used in a selfish way.

For EVERYONE who struggles in this world!

Try to maintain your own positive values! If you CAN do that, then EVERYTHING else should be easier to achieve!!
NEGATIVITY of ANY kind can only make life MORE difficult!!
DO NOT allow the failings of others, to unduly affect your balance!
TRY NOT to expect from life, as Life tends to be RANDOM!
By its randomness life is difficult to understand!
TRY NOT to envy those who appear to have an easier ride than you! As all may NOT be as it appears!
NEVER allow yourself to think that you DESERVE anything!! SOME things will happen, SOME things won’t!!
TRY NOT to attach extreme emotions to any event! As they in turn, may control you!
If you are able to project POSITIVITY, you are far more likely to ATTRACT POSITIVITY!!
NEVER allow yourself to think that ANYTHING is EASY!! You will only invite failure!!
Meet the world with an open heart and a POSITIVE attitude! At least then, you can be reasonably sure, that you will not NEGATIVELY influence ANYONE else!!
It is likely that many events will happen, that are BEYOND your control!! All you can do is try to react to them, in a POSITIVE way!
There is NO Guarantee that any of this will make Life BETTER!
Only that by these individual philosophies, it is FAR less likely, that you will contribute to the NEGATIVITY of this world!!

If individuals can be POSITIVE with each other, SURELY the collectives MUST follow suit!!!